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About Us

About Us

Founded in 1991, our company has been providing services uninterruptedly ever since its establishment and still provides services in line with the developments in technology. In addition to being the dealer of all brands operating in Turkey, it also presents wide range of products to customers based on its high quality and fast service concept. Besides, it has the title of ‘‘HP Preferred Partner’’, which is granted to the companies that fulfill certain criteria established by HP Turkey, for approximately 15 years as a loyal partner and has succeeded in providing the affordable prices and services to consumers based on this cooperation.

Our company, which adopted the principle of providing high quality services ever since its establishment, has always supported its clients and tried to ensure maximum satisfaction in line with the requests of clients. zaman hizmet verdiği firmaların yanında olmuş, istekleri doğrultusunda maksimum memnuniyeti sağlamaya çalışmıştır.

In order to maintain our high quality and timely delivery concept implemented since 1991, the Company will adapt to all changes of the age, maintain its current line and continue to provide high quality services in the fields where it operates, by giving priority to customer satisfaction. Best Regards,



Orange Pi Mini Development Board

With its leader characteristics, Orange Pi new generation mini PC is the most fully-equipped product among the developer cards. Import of Orange Pi products as of 2016 is the most important step for offering diversity of mini computers and eliminating the leader product deficiency in our country. As of 2017, Orange Pi signed the agreement of Distribution in Turkey and Belgium. Sale and after-sale support of Orange Pi products in Turkey and Belgium are managed by Sersa.



JHCTECH Embedded and Smart Systems

JHCTECH, which has a significant place among industrial computer producers thanks to its innovative ideas and success stories, continues to operate in new fields such as communication of objects and actual technologies. Sersa started to sell the products of JHCTECH in Turkey based on the agreement signed with JHCTECH as of 2016.


HdbitT Sound and Video Products

HdbitT, which started its operations to provide high quality products at affordable prices, has become the leading production center in the world in a short time. We provide you with the products of hdbitT, operating in the field of sound and video products, based on the assurance of Sersa.


To reflect the developments and changes in technology to the fields where we operate.


To protect our high quality service concept without losing the passion of establishment even in spite of the changing conditions and to present the best at all times.

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